Working Facilities

We believe in team work, you can put forward any example from outdoor games in which the team which has more team spirit with ability to deliver their best has a great chance to win not only the competition but also the heart of public without the discrimination of nationality. Same case is here for Intellisoft as our team has a great team spirit and works in a polite friendly environment that is just like a performance boost up for any organization of the world. Our team works under just one Goal to provide our client with the best solution and support.

The environment of our workplace is such that anyone from our qualified team mates can share his unique idea for the positive growth, so the emerging comers for Intellisoft is guided by the experienced seniors mates to polish them in a versatile way.


As we mentioned earlier, we have a friendly but mannered environment. We have a track record of Festival Celebration at the Intellisoft Solutions, which provides a great opportunity to employees to become familiar each other. We also invite the families of member’s to these get-to-gather parties, which results as a refreshing the mind of team members. The culture of the Intellisoft Solutions reflects life from every aspect as our name is Intellisoft Solutions, we not only do business to increases the funds but also provide our staff the best we can to make them energetic and more efficient, thus we can say with confidence that our staff works with their heart with the capabilities of their sharpen mind. The Festivals at Intellisoft are of different in nature like Sports Event, or Monthly Get-To-Gather. All these activities confirm our thinking that we believe in relax and comfortable working culture. This type of culture at Intellisoft has a great attraction for the talented people to showcase their abilities at this platform. This culture starts from work place structure to operating principles of the development teams.


Our working schedule is such that each team mate has a chance to participate in the each program and the QA engineer has very analytical analysis that led every team mate to improve his or her performance. To create innovative and self decision maker employees we often arrange specific schedule task that the emerging team mates has to achieve and that provides a fair chance for every team mate provide him/her self in a better way like launching a new setup or customer support center.

These types of learning task have showed a significant improvement in the performance and help in the approaching professional attitude. All these learning and performance improving activities are arranged to make sure that our client is provided by the best of the best. All these efforts meet the various needs of Intellis in different areas i.e. Communication Skills, Management, Customer Management, and Support & Technology.

Work/Life Balance:

Every Organization has its own most valuable assets. The most valuable assets for Intellisoft Solutions are the employees those are very keen to work with their interest and improving capability. Indeed these employees are the main reason behind the success of our company and these employees has strengthen the Company’s business so it is Intellis’ moral duty to take well care of their well being, so what we provide in response is the health environment and balanced life. Our staff enjoys a comprehensive benefits package and a life style that that allows its employees to enjoy and prosper in their lives outside of Quadrant Software.

Recognize & Reward Hard Work:

We believe to appreciate the good performance and hard work of our staff members. Employees are rewarded and promoted on merit basis. Outstanding performance and high achievements are rewarded to boost up the confidence and to invite the employees to do more batter and efficient performance. So incentive programs are offered to encourage the innovation all the time on the behalf of Intellisoft.

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